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What are Tuning Fork Sessions?

 Your body can get out of tune Ė just like a piano.  So a Tuning Fork Session uses the same tuning forks that you would use to tune a piano.  It is a natural method of healing using tuning forks based on the sonic ratios inherent in nature.  When we tap the tuning forks, we produce pure musical intervals based on precise mathematical proportions known as the Pythagorean tunings.  When we listen to these intervals we create a resonance resulting in physical and psychic repatterning of our mind, bodies, and spirit.  This takes place on the physical level within the inner ear by the stimulation of the tuning fork sound vibrations.

When we listen to the sound of the tuning forks, our nervous system attunes to the pitch in much the same way as when we find a pitch for a choir, or tune a piano.  During the listening process our physical body will actually reposture itself to hold the proportion and sound correctly.

Dr. John Beaulieu discovered BioSonic Repatterning while sitting in an anechoic chamber in New York University.  This chamber is completely soundproof.  Dr. Beaulieu sat in the chamber for over 500 hundred hours over a period of two years listening to the sounds of his own body.  He began to correlate different states of his consciousness with different sounds of his nervous system.  Being a trained musician he noticed that the high-pitched sounds of his nervous system consisted of several sounds in different intervals.  Then one day he brought two tuning forks and tapped them.  Immediately, he observed that the sound of his nervous system realigned to the sound of the tuning forks.

To understand this process, think of a time when you were in a quiet place or just before going to sleep.  During this time you may have heard a high-pitched sound in your head.  This is the sound of your nervous system.  When you are under stress, this sound gets louder and sometimes can become a ringing in your ears.  For most of us, this sound is subtle and we only hear it when we focus on it.  Tuning into the sound of your nervous system is a meditation.[1]


 When a Tuning Fork Session is being performed, you will hear the sound of the tuning fork, but you will notice that it will change tone as your body naturally adjusts itself and comes into balance.

The tuning forks that I have are the same musical scale that we most know that runs from C note to C note.  Each of these forks corresponds to a place on the body.  When the correct fork is tapped and held next to that area, it will naturally realign to the tone. 

Solar Harmonic Spectrum (Set)A Tuning Fork Chakra Session involves aligning all 12 energy centers (Chakras) on the physical level and the effects are felt immediately.  Some people can even feel the vibration of the tuning fork on their body.  But donít worry if you donít, it is still working.  Someone that once didnít feel anything had a before and after Aura photo taken and the difference was amazing.  The two photos didnít look the same at all Ė the colors had changed and showed the heart energy center was opening up where before it was closed.


I have the Tree of Life Tuning Forks.  The Tree of Life set is composed of two sets. The first 7 forks are the Sacred Solfeggio set along with the 4 Angelic Forks.  They all have an angelic sound to them.  You can add this Tuning Fork session after the Chakra session for a complete body make-over.

Genesis Frequency Fork - Click to view enlarged image  I also have a wonderful Tuning Fork that can work all by itself.  It is called the Genesis Fork.  Genesis Frequency:  This fork is combined with the others to cause things to happen or to create things. It can be used alone or with the Gabriel fork to repair damaged portions of DNA.  These are just a few of the amazing things we are discovering about this frequency the possibilities are endless.[2]

If you would like to see and feel how the tuning forks work, please let me know and I can give you a demonstration.

Thank you for your time.  If you have any questions or would like to set up a Tuning Fork Session, please feel free to send me an email.


Stephanie Pumphrey
Tuning Forks, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Stained Glassmaker

I Feel the Energy, LLC.


[1] Information from www.BioSonics.com.

[2]Information from www.TeachOnlyLove.com.

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