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You do not have to own Tuning Forks in order to participate in this class.

During a Tuning Fork Class you learn how to use the forks.  You will learn what fork(s) works with which Chakra.  You also learn how to listen to the fork and what it is telling you.  I'll give you sheets that we use during the class to take home to study.  The class also includes a Tuning Fork chakra balancing for yourself while you learn.  I schedule three hours for this class.  We may get done early, but in case we don't, I'm there for you if you need me.  Class size limited to two people.  Price for this Tuning Fork Class is $60.

A certificate is presented after completion of this class.

If you have interest in obtaining any tuning forks, please let me know as I do have a source for getting them.


If you have any questions about Tuning Forks or classes, please feel free to send an email.


Stephanie Pumphrey
Tuning Forks, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, and Stained Glassmaker

I Feel the Energy, LLC


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