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I found out about Reiki in 2000 after breaking my ankle while skiing.   I went back to work hobbling around on crutches and someone came up to me to tell me that they could help me with my ankle.  Of course, then I didn't believe them and went on. 

After I got my cast off, they said that they could help me with the swelling and pain in my ankle.  Once again, I didn't believe them and went on. 

One day I was stressed to the max after my boss had loaded me up with work and left for the day.  Again this person came to me and offered their assistance in helping me relax by saying  "Just take a quick break and let me help you."  At this point I was ready for anything that would help.  We went into the other room and she placed her cold hands on my shoulders.  Within a minute I could feel a sense of peace and relaxation come over me.  Her hands were very warm; as a matter of fact they were hot.  I was feeling really good when she said she couldn't take it anymore as her hands were sweating! 

She recommended that I try a full treatment, which we scheduled for the following Saturday.  I went over to her house - not knowing what to expect and was greatly surprised.  I laid down on her Reiki table and was almost asleep, but knew what was going on.  I didn't want her to stop.  I was so relaxed.  It was definitely the most relaxed I'd ever been.  I went to drive home and found that I wasn't ready to be driving yet.  Everything was in slow motion.  We had company later that night and they all asked me if I had changed my hair or my glasses because something was different.  But it was me, I was different.  I was actually relaxed.  It had been so long since my friends had seen me relaxed, they had forgotten what I looked like that way.

After that experience, I had to find more information about Reiki.  I got on the Internet and starting learning all I could.  Then I found out that my co-worker was actually looking for students so that she could get her teaching certificate for Reiki.  What a deal.  I told my husband, but he thought I was crazy.  That's OK.  I was determined.  We talked about it again and we decided I should do it.  I went to the first class and it was a very moving experience.  I learned a lot.  I learned how to do Reiki on myself and on someone else.   

I went to the second class.  I learned to do Symbols and what they mean, and I learned how to send a treatment to someone no matter where they were - as energy knows no time or space. 

By this time I was completely involved in Reiki.  I did it all the time.  From a person who's website I just love says "Don't do Reiki, Be Reiki."  That's what I did - I became Reiki.  I just knew in my heart that I had to go on to be a master and teacher.  So here I am a few years later a Master-Teacher with a few students of my own.  I'm enjoying every minute of practicing and teaching Reiki!        Thanks, Stephanie

Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns.


Stephanie Pumphrey
Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Tuning Forks, Stained Glassmaker

I Feel the Energy, LLC.



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